Since 2016, Neighbourhood Events Co has been organising events across Australia and New Zealand to bring local venues, producers and the public together for a great time.

From humble origins in Perth to operations in capital cities across Australia and New Zealand, we combine our years of hospitality experience with an ongoing passion for showcasing local hospitality to the biggest audience possible.

We’re fortunate to live in a country with so many amazing venues, breweries and winemakers, and we’re constantly inspired by the great work they do. That’s why we love nothing more than helping venues bring people back to their own local neighbourhood, and to provide valuable exposure for our country’s amazing wineries and breweries – while also creating engaging experiences for punters in the process.

We see it as a win for everyone, and a hell of a good time. Cheers to that.

Neighbourhood events co


Neighbourhood Events Co is a run by a nimble, passionate and friendly team in partnership with a trusted network of people in every capital city. We’re professional, proactive and proud to deliver quality event experiences on behalf of our partners.

Josh Starick brings more than ten years in event experience to his role of director and owner. A born face-to-face communicator, Josh helps to bring the right people, products and venues together with a drive to make every event memorable. Tre Kelton looks after the operational side of the business, liaising with partners to ensure everything is under control so guests can enjoy a seamless experience. During the careful planning of each event, both Josh and Tre remain contactable by partners and ready to help in any way possible.